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"I had reflexology every week from about 12 weeks to 39 weeks during my pregnancy. My son Mason was born on week 40. I had a very easy pregnancy and I put part of this down to my regular treatments with Kim. The treatments helped greatly with my back pain due to my Congenital Hip Displacement, which I suffered from since childhood. I felt very calm and relaxed and was looking forward to the birth, where other people at my anti-natal clinic were scared about the birth. I think this was due to feeling total relaxed since having the treatments.

My son is a healthy strong boy. I think the treatments also helped him, as he used to respond at various times during the treatments and then sleep restfully afterwards.

In addition to the reflexology I have been taking a number of Australian Bush flower essences that helped me through the pregnancy and deal with a number of emotional issues. I can not say whether the reflexology and essences had a direct effect on my pregnancy and labour, but I can say that my wellbeing can only have helped and I attribute some of this to the reflexology and essences I received." Samantha Smith

"I fell off a horse over 20 years ago and had pain in my knee and suffered ever since. At times my knee would totally collapse. My GP advised there was nothing they could do and I might need an operation to alleviate the problem.

I decided to try reflexiology and after the fourth treatment the pain disappeared. The treatment did cause me some pain along the spine area but I feel that the nerve endings were jammed. The reflexology allowed me to relax and stay calm, which enabled Kim to work on the spine area and eventually relieve the area of pain.

I could not believe reflexology could do this but it has allowed me to continue with my line dancing, which I love and now have a pain free knee." Lesley Woods

"After 3 years of trying to conceive and having all the tests done to find out if there were any problems I was at at a loss as what to do next, IVF was looking like a route I would have to go down even though the Doctors couldn't find any reason why I wasn't conceiving naturally.
I had known Kim a few years and used reflexology for back pain occasionally and after a talk about the possibility that some hormones and the pituitary gland may not be working, I thought why not try reflexology. I was eager to try anything so we started reflexology straight away as I felt my hormones could be out of balance. After a few treatments I felt more balanced, What can I say, after 2/3 months I was pregnant!

Thanks to Kim I now have a beautiful little girl who is my world. I wouldn't hesitate to use Kims expertise again". Amanda

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